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Self Against City takes over the west coast!

Who is going to the shows?!?

12/1-Self Against City @ Club Retro-Sacramento, CA
12/7-Self Against City @ The Roxy-West Hollywood, CA
12/8-Self Against City @ The Alley-Fullerton, CA
12/9-Self Against City @ SOMA-San Diego, CA
12/15-Self Against City @ San Jose Skate-San Jose, CA
12/22-Self Against City @ State Theatre-Modesto, CA

I'm going to The Roxy show!!!! :]
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the show on the first already happened, and i might be going to the modesto one.
oops. I just copied what was on their page. forgot to take that one off! Im deff. going to their show saturday at the roxy1 Im excited!!! it's been a while since ive seen then live!